uyghurs MUSLIM concentration camps

Short introduction

First of all what is the Xinjiang re-education camps that's also known as the uyghurs muslim concentration camps?

These are camps that are driven by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region government and CPC committee which is the government of China.

These camps are being used to "re-educate" muslims bc of their belief.

Human right watch has come with a statement about the camps being allegedly driven since 2017. They also said that it's being driven as a part of "people's war on terror" which is a chinese policy that was announced in 2017.

The "people's war on terror" is a campaign that's supposedly strikes against violent terrorism. The campaign is targeted against cell phones, computers, and religious materials belonging to Uyghurs.

The local government introduced the new restrictions as banning long beards, wearing veils in public and even some muslim names are banned from newborns.

The concentration camps imprisonment of nearly one million Uyghurs are known as a "program" that's a part of the campaign.

Not only are they driven by the government itself but it's being driven outside the legal system. Many citizens of Xinjiang have reportedly been interned
(confined as a prisoner, especially for political or military reasons)
without any trials and cases being raised against them. This would mean that it's innocent civilians that are being held there.

You may not know it but the us is supporting this as well. In may 2018 Randall Schriver said that "at least a million but likely closer to three million citizens" were imprisoned in these concentration camps. Later in august 2018 the united nations human rights panel said that they had credible reports that said showed that 1 million ethnic Uyghurs are being held in the "re-education camps".
At the united nations , 54 nations have rejected the above allegations and supported China's policies in Xinjiang with only 23 opposed.

You may think what are being done in these contractions camps?
The purpose of the camps is to "re-educate" the people imprisoned there. The people that is "in need" of getting "re-educated" in the chinese government eyes are muslims.

The method used to "re-educate" is torture among other methods too. If you read this in the media they would have said allegedly but we all know that the torture methods being used against the Uygur muslims are different.

For women the torture is being mercilessly harassed, raped and forcefully married to other Chinese men.

For all muslims it's being forced to eat pork, consume alcohol and condemn themselves as Muslims. The kids of the muslims are sent to orphanages, where they will get adopted by han Chinese people. The concentration camps have become prey for organ harvesting, subjects for medical experiments and sterilisation procedures

Former detainees have described it as being tortured during interrogation at the camps, living in crowded cells and put through a brutal daily regimen of party indoctrination that drove some people to suicide.

After the word coming out about these camps, China started letting out some of the detainees. But are barley getting any freedom and are held to become their network in containing other people in Xinjiang.

You may think that it's only the muslims being exposed to the camps that are suffering but all Muslims in Uighur are being forced to install the spyware app, which can let the government to monitor their activities.

The muslims are not allowed to speak any other languages other than Chinese. Halal food has been banned in the country meaning that the food choices for muslims are limited. Women under the age of 45 are not allowed to wear the hijab which is a muslim wear. Facial recognitions systems are being installed near the mosques to register and punish whoever enters.

Many Uighurs, a minority who speaks a turkish have moved to turkey as they flee and assimilation campaign led by Beijing. But the threat of spies reporting back to China still appears as a large threat in the minds of many immigrants.

The picture seen above is a leaked picture which shows a concentration camp in Xinjiang where muslims are being blindfolded and tied up and put in rows guarded by the police
in this link you'll be able to watch and read more about the leaked footage.

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